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Témoignage Choc de Mama Rosa ex-danseuse de Wenge Musica BCBG 4×4


Voice Of Congo vous présente ce Témoignage Choc de Casarhema avec Mama Rosa ex-danseuse de Wenge Musica BCBG 4×4…Suivez

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  1. Woaw! quel temoignage, mama Rosa nzambe a batela na libota nayo. A lokotaka nase pe a tombolaka likolo eeeh! tala lolenge nzambe a tobola yo. Stay blessed!

  2. it’s very damage to don’t understand anything. but when you see her face you see that it’s very interesting testimony. Why nobody can not translate for those who are not speak Congolese language.
    Yes we would like also to understand what she said. It will edify many people who are not from Congo.
    Finally, if you want many people to be impact through your testimony, please try to translate the testimony in different languages like french or English.
    be bless

    • hi,am from congo,may you could anderstand my writing english pliz.coz you’re intrerested on it that why i decided to may try to give you some idea of what she experianced too,that is her history she tryed to shaier whith us:she was ex danser of wenge musica 4×4.she got many challanges on her life as a danser.she was played,used by many men others the personality of a hight level in congo include the late president’son,rich poeple,it was like if you don’t have money you won’t get her.she souffered in that kind of life in africa congo,europ too, by the grace of God till she got one man of God they got marriage blessed whith 3 children many thing but that was the idea of what she was talking blessed

      • @ Mr John Mutombo, don’t you worry about your writing as it not that bad as, you might think. You did a good summary of Miss Rosa’s testimony. Once again, well done John it was a good attempt and you did it well!

  3. wohh mama rose it interesting kitoko god bless you

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